Studio Partners

Our Enhance the Chance program is designed to support your artistic talents.

You have a voice. Let us help you be heard.

Our partner studios are storied institutions. They’re owned and operated by passionate individuals with a soulful connection to music.  These are the studios that brought us the voice of Frank Sinatra.  The intricate harmonies of Brian Wilson. The smoothness of John Legend. The brute force of The Weeknd.  

Revolution Recording Studio Logo
The Recording Shop Logo
Studios Piccolo Logo
Flux Studios Logo
Blue Light Studios Logo
Whisper Studios Logo
Frequency Studios
Black Market Productions
Fader Mountain Sound
Frequency Studios
Infinite Recording Studio
Mystery Street Recording Company
Occupy Studio
Pilot Studios
Private Ear Recording Studio
Sound Vault Studios
The Grid Studio
The Sonic Temple Recording Studio
Audio State 55 Recording Studios
Luxetone Studios
Public Lunch Studios
Rax Trax Studios
Crown Recording Studios
Haxton Road Studios
Stinson Studios
Tank Recording Studios
Castle Row Studios
La La Land Studios