New Competitive Social Media Platform For Musicians Now In Development

New Competitive Social Media Platform For Musicians Now In Development

What is Audition Showdown?

Think TikTok for Talent. Audition Showdown is a social media platform and app in development that will connect young musical artists with an audience of millions through weekly contests to find the best. It’s the online evolution of TV shows like The Voice, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent, but for a generation more comfortable with Snapchat and Instagram than cable TV.

American Idol routinely draws 10,000+ people to audition in every city they hold a casting call. Many wait 10 hours or more for a 60-second shot at impressing the judges. This app is for them.

How It Works

  1. Musical artists upload videos of their performances singing or playing an instrument and can enter in a weekly contest with huge prizes.
  1. Everyone with the app can be part of the virtual audience. They’ll vote Tinder-style by swiping left or right, and decide which performers move on to the next round.
  1. The winner of each week can take home cash prizes, and their winning songs may be added to Spotify playlists. They can also win concert tickets, professional studio recording time at one of our partner studios, and even recording contracts.

Meet the Audition Showdown Development Team


John McMahon is the current Managing Director of Thought Launch Capital and Advisory, the former Managing Director of Investment Banking for Industrial Alliance Securities, the Former Vice Chairman and Head of Investment Banking for Mackie Research Capital Corporation. John has raised over $2 billion in start-up and operating capital for his clients.


Damian Lee hasproduced, written, or directed more than 50 feature films and over 300 TV sports shows. His vehicles have launched the careers of many stars, including Jim Carrey. Learn more about Damian on his IMDB page.

This seasoned group of industry professionals has created a dynamic, comprehensive, and forward-looking business plan for a successful launch, including paid subscriptions, paid advertising, and corporate sponsorships with the objective of hitting 5 million downloads fast.

Audition Showdown Has Identified Untapped Market Opportunities

While we’ve seen rising stars make names for themselves on platforms like YouTube, there’s no real home for performers online. Audition Showdown is positioning to meet that need in an exciting and dynamic environment for musicians and their audiences.

American Idol may no longer draw the 30 million viewers it did in 2005, but the energy is still there. The audience has just moved online.

Consider These Statistics

  • 88% of Gen-Z—the Tik Tok generation—don’t watch cable television
  • Over 3.5 billion people own smartphones
  • The 18 to 44 demographic watched 6 minutes of streaming content a day online in 2012, and 80 minutes online in 2018

These seismic shifts in viewing behaviors are here to stay, and television talent shows have failed to pace with their target demographics.

Audition Showdown Anticipates the Needs of Today’s Demographics

The audiences of today take their entertainment anywhere at any time through their mobile phones, the most ubiquitous platform in the world. But that’s only half of the story. Anyone with a mobile phone can be a content creator.

A Talent Show on the Go!


Anyone can upload videos and enter weekly contests.


Like your favorites and swipe away the rest.


Share the videos you like on the app or on other platforms.

Get Discovered

Win cash prizes, concert tickets, promotional assistance, and industry connections.

All of this happens on mobile phones for anyone who downloads the Audition Showdown app. Friends can watch live and recorded performances, compare notes, and vote on their favorites.

The management team at Audition Showdown plan to launch their app with unique artist support and partner with talent agencies and other industry participants, including Revolution Recording. These partnerships may offer valuable opportunities to Showdown winners, including talent representation and sound studio recording opportunities.

May 10, 2021