Make the World Your Stage

Social media, like Instagram and TikTok, have swept the world connecting people and cultures together across continents. Sharing art, music, even jokes with each other.

But what is missing from the roster of social media apps is one dedicated solely to the performing arts.


A stage and social network melded into one easy-to-use app with real life prizes!

Our users are the performers, the audience, and the judges which means you, the public, have all the power. Every like, comment, and share awards the performers points in our weekly contests. Contest prizes range from cash ($10k+) and concert tickets to live performance opportunities and free recording sessions with our various partner studios.

SHWDWN aims to bring talent competitions into 2021 by breaking from the television talent show formula and bringing the competitions right to the performer’s phone. No need to fly to another city, no need to wait in long lines. Just set up your phone and show off your talent! Not only will SHWDWN evolve the talent competition scene, it will reach the tastemakers of tomorrow - GenZ.

Enhance the Chance

SHWDWN has partnered with recording studios across North America to support artists. The Enhance the Chance program connects artists with professional studios where they can develop their talents.

Want to support your fave artists? Enhance the Chance lets users work together to fund recording sessions for their favourite artists with one of our partner studios. You have the power to help the artists you love be heard by the world!

What Are We Up To Now?

We are already supporting artists by showcasing their talent and giving them opportunities to win! With successful contests run through our Instagram account we have connected with some of the best undiscovered talent around the world. 

Check out our Instagram to see which performers have already won recognition, prizes, and even studio time with our studio partners. Will you be next?

Invest Now!

Audition Showdown is looking for visionary investors to join us in bringing the suspense and energy of competitive talent TV shows to millions of smartphone users.

We’re a Regulation A+ offering, meaning that any accredited or non-accredited investors can contribute capital to this venture and be a part of the next social media phenomenon. Almost anyone can invest with just a small contribution. If you’re a performer, influencer, or media lover, you can be a major player before the app is fully developed, and you can have your say in the next sensation.

By investing in Audition Showdown, you’ll be helping to crowdsource a platform for hundreds of thousands of artists in search of their big break. You’ll be creating an outlet for the more than 10,000 singers who sign up to wait 10+ hours in line at every American Idol casting call. Your investment can help launch their careers.

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